2019-2020 Report on Foundation Activities

In 2019 and 2020, the Foundation continued its support in areas of historic interest and piloted grants in a few new areas as well.

In 2019, the Foundation made grants totaling $2,482,000. This total included the final payment towards a long-term capital commitment to a Boston area hospital. Other grants were for renewed annual contributions for Jewish and healthcare institutions that the family has long supported. In addition, community-based grants were made in four areas: youth arts, disability inclusion, empowerment and early childhood.

In 2020, the Foundation made grants totaling $780,000. During this year of the pandemic, the economic turndown, and the several horrifying incidents of racial injustice that occurred across the country, the Foundation responded with some special grant making. It made Covid-19 response grants to all existing grantees in March when most were partially shut down due to the pandemic. In June, it made some new grants to Boston community organizations focused on restoring racial justice. Its regular grant making continued in the fall, including support for area healthcare, cultural and Jewish institutions, as well as support for community-based organizations in its four current areas of interest.

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