2022 Report on Foundation Activities

In 2022, the Foundation made grants totaling about $1.7 million, growing its giving by approximately 30% from the previous year and increasing the number of community-based grantees by almost 50%. Continuing its commitment to organizations focusing on racial equity and social justice, it renewed support in this area.

Following the 2021 passing of its founder, Carl Shapiro, in 2022 the Foundation undertook significant efforts to develop a long-term vision and plan for the Foundation. It looks forward to a modest expansion of funding and a renewed commitment to carrying on the legacy of its founders to make a difference in the quality of life in Greater Boston.

At the end of the year, Jean Whitney, long-time Executive Director and Philanthropic Advisor for the Foundation retired. Jean helped to lead the Foundation through many life cycle phases. She was the first non-family staff person hired by the Foundation and worked over the years to professionalize the family’s grant making and to assist in developing strategy for community-based program interests and major gifts. The Foundation is very grateful to Jean for her exemplary work and her devotion to the Foundation and to our family. She has guided the Shapiro Family Foundation for over 20 years in its desire to help and to improve the lives of those who are in need and less fortunate in the Boston community. She will be missed!

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